Website Redesign

The website has been updated and streamlined. Due to lack of time, I removed sections that I no longer have capacity to maintain. This includes:

  • Forums
  • Tools related to older Grand Theft Auto games

Statement on Ukraine

I want to express my solidarity with Ukrainian people and denounce the awful events that are happening at this moment. There is NO excuse for this behaviour from the Russian decision makers. Stop the blood spill immediately! Nobody will forgive you but maybe, just maybe, those after you can start working on undoing this madness.

Website Refresh

I think it was time for a little update to the website look. Now that Google takes mobile friendliness into ranking account, it was necessary to make changes. The refreshed Bootstrap-based look is nothing to write home about, but at least the site does not look like it was built in 1980…

NHL 15 Support

The structure of NHL 15 roster files for PS3 and XBox 360 is 100% the same as that of NHL 14. It appears that this year’s game received no active development and EA is concentrated on PS4 and XBox One for which the editor will not come any time soon. While I prepare the official release of NHLView NG supporting NHL 15, you can use the following walkaround to open the rosters in the current version. Add the lines below at the end of games.conf file located in NHLView NG folder:

; NHL 15

Happy New Year 2013

  • Happy New Year everyone, especially to those who still visit this page. One day it will happen – new NHLView will see the light of day. Today is not that day, but some exciting news does come for PS3 owners. Recent developments in PS3 reverse engineering made it finally possible to decrypt and re-encrypt roster save files for NHL 11, 12 and 13 (previous save games were not encrypted). Now the only real obstacle left is time.
  • In the meantime, I created a poll in the forum to help me evaluate how many people play the game on various platforms. Please cast your vote, you do not even need to be registered (although I would appreciate if you do, or at least log-in if you have an account). Thank you.