NHLViewNG 3.0.2211.12 (important bugfix)

An important bug was discovered in the TDB database engine, used by most NHL roster tools. It can lead to the data corruption, so it is recommended to apply the updates released below:

Please Note: NHLView for PC is also likely to have this bug. Currently, the it does not have a release with the correction. I will follow up on this in the future.

What’s New

Besides the bugfix, these releases contain the following improvements:

  • None of the tools require external pfdtool to handle PS3 save games anymore.
  • TDBAccess now comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit forms.
  • TDBView now supports opening decrypted PS4 exhibition rosters from the NHL series. Note that decryption is a process external to this tool and requires a jailbroken console.

Website Redesign

The website has been updated and streamlined. Due to lack of time, I removed sections that I no longer have capacity to maintain. This includes:

  • Forums
  • Tools related to older Grand Theft Auto games

NHLViewNG 3.0.2209.25

A new release of NHLView NG 3.0.2209.25 is now available. Despite the major version number increment, this release does not yet provide generation 4 support. I’m just adopting a new numbering scheme to make the major version number correspond to the generation of console that NHLView NG currently supports. The new release includes the following new features:

  • It is now possible to modify the attributes of players in bulk.
  • Better support for high resolution monitors.
  • There is no more dependency on pfdtool. It can be deleted from NHLView NG installation folder along with the *.conf files.

Statement on Ukraine

I want to express my solidarity with Ukrainian people and denounce the awful events that are happening at this moment. There is NO excuse for this behaviour from the Russian decision makers. Stop the blood spill immediately! Nobody will forgive you but maybe, just maybe, those after you can start working on undoing this madness.