EA Sports NHL Series


NHLView – Roster Editor for PC version of NHL 2004 – 09.

NHLViewNG – Roster Editor for PS3/XBox 360 versions of NHL 09 – NHL 16 (Legacy).

TDBView – Allows to open and explore the TDB database files. These databases are used throughout EA games to organize game data. Roster files from NHL use this format. Supports older NHL for PC and newer NHL for PS3/Xbox 360/PS4 formats.

Play-by-Play Viewer – Playback and modify play-by-play commentary from PC versions of NHL 98 – 2004 as well as NBA Live 2001-2003. Comes with a command-line utility for scripting.

String Editor – Utility allowing to modify string databases from NHL games on PC. Can be used to change the localized text. NHL games also store certain roster-related data in the string files. For example, it is necessary to edit string database to change the team name. Doing it just in the roster editor is not enough.

Music Streams Editor – Allows to import new front-end music to NHL on PC.

Other Tools

Miscellaneous – small tools with a specialized purpose to address a specific need in the game.

Developer Tools – Libraries which can be used to create own modding tools for EA games.