My Take on “Hot Coffee Mod”

  • Given the negative attitude of some people toward “Hot Coffee Mod” for San Andreas and subsequent re-rating of the game, the link to the mod has now been removed from the site. I’m still in shock over this whole story. There are so many mods out there that let you put “adult content” in all kinds of games, from Sims to Leisure Suit Larry, which is already adult enough to merit a higher rating that San Andreas. But no, GTA is the evil of all games, always has been. Anyway, I’ll end my rant here and go back to my summer hibernation.
  • But just before I go, I can assure you that I will make everything possible to add support for NHL 2006 to NHLView.

GTA: San Andres Basketball Bugfix

While playing GTA: San Andreas, I encountered yet another common bug. All the basketballs disappeared from my game. Since I haven’t seen any working solutions for the problem, I decided to write a fix myself. If you experience this problem, you can download the fix in GTA: San Andreas section. Note that it has only been tested on GTA San Andreas v1.0 US and will work only on unmodified main.scm.

New Start

  • The design of the whole web site is finally changed. The old, unnecessarily cluttered pages are gone and a more convenient menu is now in place on the left. If you feel the new site can be improved, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the Forum.
    The site has several new sections with interesting new contents:
    • With the release of GTA: San Andreas, there is a new section devoted to this game. I have written several programs for it, and you can find them there.
    • Some of you may know about the existance of the community project, GTA: Liberty City, aimed to port the game GTA 3 on the GTA: Vice City engine. I have been involved in this project for a long time and I think it’s time I devote some time to it on my site.
    • Not many personal web pages have no information about its author. Mine was until recently one of the few. This has now changed with the addition of the new sections, About Me and My Projects. In the former, I talk a little bit about myself and in the latter I present some of my other works, not directly related to the gaming contents.
  • GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor 1.3 is released. New in this version are faster interface, import from/export to a text file, character map editor and other small improvements.
  • It is very likely that new version of NHLView will not be released until NHL 2006 comes out. But given the fact that everybody (myself included) will be three times more excited this season than before, I promise that NHLView will support NHL 2006.
  • It is also possible that an all new Play-by-play Studio written totally from scratch will be released some day. To remind those of you who have not heard, I put a cross on it prior to NHL 2005 release because the audio format of the new play-by-play files was different than previous years. But it is not as bad as it first looked.
  • News from the old site have been removed to forget as quickly as possible about the old web site.