TDBAccess 3.0

  • While the new version of NHLView NG is in the works, I’m making available a new version of TDBAccess Library which will allow you make your own applications that read and write all TDB database from previous PC and the current PS3 and XBox 360 NHL games. The added functions to handle console games still require external programs (pfdtool for PS3 and Horizon or similar for XBox 360). The library comes with two example projects, one in Delphi another in Visual Basic .NET. The new version 3.0 is not backward compatible with previous version 2.7. While all the old functions kept their parameters intact, all the strings are now 2-byte Unicode instead of 1-byte ANSI. Download the new version if you are interested in Developer Tools section.
  • I know a lot of you are waiting for the next version of NHLView NG. Let me assure you, it’s in the works and coming in not too distant future.