Features overview for the upcoming version - 27/05/2004

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Features overview for the upcoming version - 27/05/2004

Post by Artem » Thu May 27, 2004 4:49 pm

Apart from fixes in the Known Bugs thread, here will be the following things in the new version:
- Player attributes are revamped a little bit in terms of position on the screen to accomodate new Prestige rating.
- Tons of customization parameters added for team arenas. These include board indices (for say ProjectNHL) and some other stuff some of which I'm not sure about myself.
- There will be NO multiple attributes editing.
- Ability to change program font, hopefully eliminating problem with Scandinavian characters. I was able to get rid of cyrillic font in Scandinavian names by changing to Baltic charset. hopefully, it'll work for all of you too. Of course, cyrillic fonts will still be available for RHL mod, it will just be your choice now what encoding to use.
- Depending on how it goes you might have:
* View rosters thingy with the ability to export the table in several formats, including HTML and Excel.
* Fictional additional players to allow more than 40 players per team. I still didn't plan everything out (like I don't know how to make a player on some team's roster and in additinals of the other team, but I'll figure it out eventually), but part of the code is there already.
- There might still be problems with schedule and contract length editing as I couldn't do enough testing to figure out why some have problems. I did, however, put more error messages in the code, hopefully they'll pop-up when something doesn't work.
- Ability to add/delete custom teams (doubtful though).
- Ability to change dynasty team data (manager names, payroll, attendance stats), but it is also doubtful - I haven't even started on this. I'm just assuming it won't be too difficult to add.
- I didn't do anything about Runtime Error, because unfortunately I have absolutely no idea what's causing it.

Also, I'll go through bug report thread once more and see if I left something out. So more bug fixes will probably be made till the release.

And a preview screen is here: