What's new? - 20/11/2003

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What's new? - 20/11/2003

Post by Artem » Thu Nov 20, 2003 1:21 am

Since the last update 3 things have been done:
1) Line editor finished. Among new things that were introduced in the line editor are swapping of player slots when assigning a player to the line he is already playing and highlighting of player's name in the lines tree when he is selected in the list of players (like in Blomman's Editor). One more thing that I might add is clear line spot.
2) Injury spelling mistakes fixed
3) Added ability to export EXH (and nhl2004pc.tdb) files as ROS files. I don't know why you would prefer to redistribute ROS over EXH, but in case you do, the ability is there.

The next big step is player transfers. Once this is done, editor will be released.