NHLView with NHL09 and a host of new features coming...

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NHLView with NHL09 and a host of new features coming...

Post by Artem » Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:51 am

Hi guys,

NHLView with NHL09 support is almost here. I'm working on a few last things and it should be out in the upcoming days. A few things to look forward to:
- NHL09 support (obviously).
- Drop of support for Windows 9x.
- Support for XP/Vista themes.
- Ability to create/delete custom teams in Exhibition rosters (NHL 2004-09). If you edit enough arena names, Create a Team feature in game will crash because it is only able to display 75 unique arenas in the list. With this feature you can create custom teams in NHLView avoiding the problem.
- A few extra things (or not depending on how they progress).

One thing to keep in mind: NHLView will no longer be able to accept characters from non Central European character set (even if you select this option in Fonts). So you will not be able to properly save Cyrillic, Turkish, Hebrew or other non-latin letters anymore (for the majority of you this should not be an issue).

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