Putting finishing touches on NHLView NG 1.0

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Putting finishing touches on NHLView NG 1.0

Post by Artem » Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:16 pm

Trying to revive these boards a little bit after years of inactivity by posting an NHLView NG update.

All the basic functionality I planned for initial version has been implemented and NHLView NG is currently undergoing final testing. Here is the short feature list:
- Open and save any NHL09-14 exhibition roster. PS3 save games are natively supported by NHLView NG. XBox360 rosters can be opened once the database file is extracted using third-party tools.
- Edit basic player information and attributes.
- Edit basic team information.
- Edit basic arena information.
- Move players from team to team, to and from free agents, recover hidden players and hide players that are no longer needed. Copy the player to all-stars/national teams.
- Edit team lines, captaincy and jersey numbers.

On one hand, the interface will be familiar to those who used NHLView for PC. On the other hand, most of the advanced functions available on NHLView for PC, such as clipboard copying of players, tabular overview of rosters and global attribute modification will not be available in the initial release. Despite the similarity in user interface, NHLView NG is a completely separate program, written from scratch. It will not be able to offer instantaneously the features that evolved over 8 years of development of NHLView PC. It might also not be as stable in the initial stages, so I'm counting on your support in reporting the issues and your patience while I fix them.

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