PS4 Acquired

  • As a result of the generous donations, I was able to collect enough funds in just a month to purchase the required PS4 console. I can not thank all the contributors enough.
  • In my few days with this “toy”, here is what I was able to discover so far:
    • I was able to extract default NHL 15 PS4 roster and confirm that it has a nearly identical format to the one of NHL 15 PS3. I will post an updated TDBView and the default roster in the next news update.
    • I’m able to execute arbitrary code on PS4 to test my hypotheses and discover how internals work – see the screenshot.
    • Since this console is on older firmware, I’m only able to run NHL 15 so far. As far as I can see, this will not be a limitation for current and future versions of the game. Once the savegame format is accessible, the coding will be done on PC and PS4 firmware will not matter. I have not yet purchased NHL 16 or NHL 17 though.
  • Now I could attempt to start modifying NHLView to be able to open the default rosters; however, I feel that at this point it is a waste of time since savegames are still a mistery. My next task is to be able to read the savegames. I will update you on progress when I have anything meaningful to post.
  • And did I forget to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who made any of this possible?