NHLView for PC 6.7.2203.13

Another small update to NHLView for PC. This release corrects the loading of NHL 2002 rosters in read-only mode after it broke in the previous release. NHL 2003 roster loading (also read-only) is now supported as well. New feature includes the ability to do column sum, average, minimum and maximum on View Rosters tab.

NOTE: Earlier today, version 6.7.2203.12 was published. It contained a bug where player numbers could not be modified in the Line Editor. Version 6.7.2203.13 fixes this issue.

NHLView for PC 6.7.2212.5

It’s been a long time since NHLView for PC received an update, but due to a bug discovered last month it was necessary to scrape off the rust and remember how to do it.

The update 6.7.2212.5 is now ready and it contains the same bug fix that NHLViewNG for PS3/XBox 360 and other tools received last month. As part of this update, the code base has now been moved to exactly the same version of TDB engine across all projects which makes it easier to manage bug fixes.

Note: Since I do not play NHL on PC very often, this release did not receive much testing. It is therefore advisable to use it with more caution than the previous version which has been in circulation for over a decade. Please send me an email if you encounter issues with this release. As a precaution, the previous version 6.1 is still available in downloads but will likely be removed in the future.

NHLViewNG 3.0.2211.12 (important bugfix)

An important bug was discovered in the TDB database engine, used by most NHL roster tools. It can lead to the data corruption, so it is recommended to apply the updates released below:

Please Note: NHLView for PC is also likely to have this bug. Currently, the it does not have a release with the correction. I will follow up on this in the future.

What’s New

Besides the bugfix, these releases contain the following improvements:

  • None of the tools require external pfdtool to handle PS3 save games anymore.
  • TDBAccess now comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit forms.
  • TDBView now supports opening decrypted PS4 exhibition rosters from the NHL series. Note that decryption is a process external to this tool and requires a jailbroken console.

Website Redesign

The website has been updated and streamlined. Due to lack of time, I removed sections that I no longer have capacity to maintain. This includes:

  • Forums
  • Tools related to older Grand Theft Auto games