NHLView NG First Release

  • After several long years of development, NHLView NG is finally available for download. Please grab it in the newly created NHLView NG section of the website. I would like to thank everybody for all the patience you exhibited in the past month as I prepared this release. I received a lot of positive feedback and great comments from a lot of people. I’m also extremely grateful to all the people who helped me test the program. Without you, this release would not have been possible.
  • While I may reply to email questions, I encourage you to post bug reports and questions in the NHLView NG forum. Not only you might have a chance at a faster response from another user, but it also keeps a better history of bugs and allows me to properly assemble the tasks when times comes to fix them.

NHLView NG Imminent Release

As I’m readying the initial release of NHLView NG, I invite those who plan on downloading and using the program to register or recover the password for your forum account. As was the case previously with NHLView PC, I’m planning to mostly use the forums for receiving bug reports and offering support for problems you may be experiencing and questions you may have. Due to problems with spam, I’m forced to manually approve all registrations. There is a field in the registration form that is designed to distinguish real users from bots. Please make sure to fill it in such a way that I’m able to know you are not a bot. Also, please be patient with account activation, it may take me a few hours to activate it. If you do not receive an activation within a day, please contact me by email. Thanks.

TDBView for PS3/XBox 360

Several people contacted me with a request for an updated TDBView which supports NG databases. You can grab the updated version from TDB Viewer section. It supports native opening of PS3 save games. For Xbox 360, you need to use third-party tools to extract the TDB database from the savegame. As before, this tool is completely unsupported; it is my internal utility when programming NHLView. It digs into low-level details and doesn’t have a great user interface.