StrEdit 3.0 and Other News

  • I know there hasn’t been a lot of updates in a while, but there are a couple of good reasons for it. Firstly, I tore my ACL last winter and only now I have a feeling that I recovered well enough from the surgery to resume playing sport and other everyday activities. Now I know first-hand what all those players go through – and it ain’t pretty. Secondly, and more importantly, me and my wife had a son just a month ago. Isn’t he cute.
  • As for software updates, I have a somewhat unexpected release. StrEdit 3.0 has been released with an update that was due a long time ago. With this version you can finally modify string hash values which will allow you, among other things, to change team abbreviations in the front-end. Visit the page of StrEdit to see the screenshot of Atlanta Thrashers changing its name to Winnipeg Jets in my installation of NHL 09. The process is not super obvious, but I described it as well as I could in the readme. Maybe eventually it will make its way into NHLView.
  • As for NHLView NG progress, I have nothing new to report really. I do not unfortunately have enough time at the moment to keep working on it. One day, one day…