PS4 Fund-raising

In the last few months, PS4 scene has seen a lot of new development with regards to reverse-engineering in general and save game editing in particular. From what I’ve read, there is enough potential in the current state of affairs for me to be able to do research on the possibility of decrypting and resigning NHL roster save games. However, for this to happen I require a PS4 console with a specific firmware version which currently goes for $550 USD ($730 CAD) on eBay. Since I barely play games anymore, this is a hefty price to pay simply for a research project. I’m still very much interested in keeping NHLView alive, but I cannot afford the price tag. Therefore, I’m launching a donation campaign through Paypal to amass the necessary funds to purchase the said console.

I’m also making a promise that this is not some kind of scam to get your money. If I’m not able to collect the required amount, I will return the money to every single contributor (minus the PayPal fee). I will stop the campaign as soon as there is enough money and will post a picture of both the invoice and the console itself once I get everything.

Two things I cannot promise though:

  1. At this point, this is only a research. There is no definitive evidence that I will be able to defeat the encryption. Without decryption, no NHLView will exist for PS4.
  2. My efforts at this point are for PS4 only. I do not follow the Xbox One developments and have no knowledge what state modding is in for this console. You should not contribute if you are an Xbox One user.

To donate, use my page.