Website Technical Issues

My hosting provider has been moving to a new platform lately so some things might not have worked as expected, but everything is back to normal now. In particular, the forum is functioning properly again and those of you who received Trojan warning in the antivirus by visiting the site should be fine now. Big thanks to Dan Sgambelluri for the heads up!

New Forum

  • The forum has been upgraded to PhpBB 3 Release Candidate 5. I hope this will slow down the amount of spam on the forum. Also the URL of the forum has been changed, it is now Please update your bookmarks.
  • With regards to NHLView for NHL 08, I do not have any updates. Once the game is released, I will post an announcement regarding my plans to support it.

Website Address Change

  • The site has permanently moved to this new address: Moreover, it will soon undergo a design change. I have not been updating the site much ever since I started working, so some fresh look-and-feel to go along with the new domain will do good.
  • On NHL side, there will probably not be many updates until NHL 07 is out.
  • GTA: Liberty City components updated for developers looking to join the community effort.
  • GTA: Vice City version detection library added. It is required for LC components to work.