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GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor


This program allows you to edit localization files of GTA San Andreas. To display the in-game text in many languages GTA uses GXT files which consist of tables with keys and values. When the game wants to display some string in just looks for the key in the localization file currently in use and displays its associated value, making it seamless to translate the game in multiple languages.


  • Basic editing of tables and entries: modifying values, adding/deleting/renaming tables and entries.
  • Ability to remember assign the original entry name to the key (note, in SA keys are stored as CRC32 checksum instead of the real name).
  • Import/export to a text file.
  • Ability to change the Character Map used to encode/decode entry values. Since the game uses custom font which is has non standard charset, this makes it possible to display international characters correctly.
  • Advanced search capabilities including search by value disregarding Rockstar formatting tags, search for entry name even if it is stored only as CRC checksum and search by case and search in different directions.


Screen 1: Finding a Value

Screen 2: Character Map Editor

Screen 3: French Translation, courtesy of [-Akado-]


GXT Editor 1.3 (English) (463 KB).


English translation module (139 KB).
French translation module (140 KB).
Russian translation module (140 KB).

GTA: San Andreas Gym Bug Fix


It is possible that in later stages of the game you will not be able to work out in gyms anymore. The game will just ask you to come tomorrow, no matter how many days you wait. I experienced this problem myself, and in order not to lose my save game, I create this tool, which resets the accessibility of gym. Although it is intended to be used as a bug fix, you can use it as a trainer as well, if you don't want to wait for the new day and pump up CJ right away.


Gym Bug Fix (40 KB).

GTA: San Andreas Basketball Bug Fix


It is possible that in later stages of the game you will not be able to play basketball, because all the balls disappear. Here is a solution to this problem.


Basketball Bug Fix (41 KB).