Save Games

100% Complete Game

If you just want to cruise around Liberty City on a tank or a bullet, damage, explosion-proof limo, this is the save game to download. It has all the special abilities cars in one of the 3 garages. In fact the only special cars it doesn't have is BP Trashmaster and DP Sentinel. Also, the records for Toyz, Turismo and other timed off-road missions are pretty weak, so you can have fun beating those.

Download (36 KB).

Lazy Start-up Game

Do you want just to do missions and forget about finding hidden packages, completing Import/Export garages and so on? Well, this save is for you. It has all the Taxi, Police, Ambulance and Fire fighter missions completed, all hidden packages discovered, all unique jumps performed before the start of the second mission from Luigi (saving is only allowed after the first mission is completed). Also, I did not use ANY cheats or trainers to make this save game.
Full list of what it has:

Things it does not have:

Download (36 KB).