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Simulation League & Web Site

Post by thorax999 » Mon Nov 20, 2006 9:32 am

Hello guys I was reading the rules and from what I gather I am allowed to promote my stuff.

I will take the time to do that now. I am from
Just wanted to let you know we are here and that we are very different from alot of other places around.

What I would really like to tell you about is our simulation league which is set to get underway for season 2. Signups are open for season 3 if you would like to play.

This league is really different we have a full tracking system for all our players from bio information to plays of the week to all the stats.
Our GM's really have to mange their teams and players.

You will not find detailed information on other leagues like this one. A complete rule book outlining what is expected from all who play. We have a league officals system to promote fair play and not to slow things down with bickering.

Also at this time I would like to say without NHLview leagues like this would not be possiable. Thank you so much for your hard and continued work on NHLview.
I would also like to affiliate this site with my own if that is ok give you a link on our affiliates page.
Suchy_63 you rock thanks for this programe and this support site! Pm me if I can place a link on my site back to you.

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