Sin Bin Online Hockey looking for new owners

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Sin Bin Online Hockey looking for new owners

Post by Owen » Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:02 pm

We are looking for new dedicated, active players for the Sin Bin Online Hockey League, entering our NINTH season!

Sin Bin is a fully-interactive hockey simulation experience, using NHL09 for PC. While most leagues allow you to assume control of a team, make trades, and play games, Sin Bin will allow you to immerse yourself completely in every aspect of your team. Trades will have real financial implications on your team, and the gameplay settings are set to provide as real a simulation as possible.

Owners are also expected to play a realistic, non-arcade, style of hockey.

It is also important to note that Sin Bin Online Hockey is a LIFETIME ownership league. The team you enter the league with is the team you have for the duration of your stay in the league. Be it 6 months, or 6 years.

No previous online league experience necessary!

Our off-season activities have begun and the draft and unrestricted free agency period is coming forth rapidly. Don't wait to act! For more information, please PM me as soon as possible, to your own benefit!

To see what the league is all about, visit

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