EASports Play-by-play Viewer


EASports Play-by-play Viewer is the program to play, extract and import commentators' speech from EA Sports NHL Hockey and NBA Live games. It supports all NHL 98 - 2004 and NBA Live 2001 - 2003 play-by-play files. Newer games are not supported because of the changes in the new audio format. However, I'm currently working on a new Play-by-play Viewer which will be able to open the newer play-by-play files. The expected release date is some time after NHL 2006 release.



Editing play-by-play is not trivial and the interface of the program assumes knowledge of play-by-play file structure. Read the help file thoroughly before attempting to use it! Download at your own risk:

EASports Play-by-play Viewer (1.41 MB).

Older version (not supported)

Play-by-play Studio 2002 (1.62 MB).


Video Tutorial on Play-by-play Conversion (9.30).



PBPImport ia a command-line play-by-play batch import utility for NHL series. Supports games up to NHL 2003 (inclusively). It is part of Play-by-play Viewer package.


PBPImport 3.1 (154 KB).