In this section of the site, I list all the other EA Sports NHL Hockey related content which is not important enough to have its own section.

Key Remapper for NHL 2005/09

With this program you can assign keyboard keys in NHL 2005/09 without restrictions.

Download (329 KB).

NHL 2004-2006 Player Rating Calculator

Excel spreadsheets to calculate the overall rating of a player based on his attibutes. This is the formula NHLView uses to calculate players overall ratings. The overall formula for NHL06 did not change compared to NHL 2005. Overall for NHL 07 is just the average of all attributes.

Download (3 KB).


This is a small program that I use to view NHL PC/NHL PS3/Madden 2004-14 TDB-files when programming NHLView. It allows to view the structure and the contents of the database format and export it in one of the popular formats. However, modifications to TDB files cannot be made. This program is unsupported, use at your own risk!

Download (1607 KB).


In NHL 2000-2003, when you do a Fantasy Draft, user created players are unavailable in the pool of players. Use this tool to make them visible.

Download (157 KB).