Me and Vincent Lecavalier at EA Sports NHL 06 Launch Event, Hockey Hall Of Fame, Toronto, ON
Artem Khassanov
March 8, 1983 in Kazan, Russia
Montreal, Canada
Who am I
I completed a Bachelor in Computer Science at McGill University in 2005. So I am a programmer, I guess. I just love to write computer applications and as you can see from the contents of my web site, I am reasonably good at it. My preferred programming language is Embarcadero Delphi which I used, use and will use for most of the programs you see on this web site. I also know Java, C/C++, Basic, PHP (or any other language for that matter since they are all basically the same), but Delphi has something special about it which I value very much.
What I do
I'm currently working as a Software Developer in Montreal-based company Jarca Inc.