Issue with FindValue function in TDBAccess...

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Issue with FindValue function in TDBAccess...

Post by Artem » Tue Aug 17, 2004 2:12 pm

You might have serious problems using FindValue() function, returning a list of record numbers satisfying the specified query as a pointer to the array of integers, especially if using VB .NET which doesn't directly support pointers. I got to the point where my system became completely unresponsive as a result of memory leaks. I assumed that since .NET has garbage collectors you won't need to free the stuff that the dll allocates on most calls. Apparently, it is not the case.

I will soon release a new set of functions than will completely eliminate pointer results and allow you to handle allocation/deallocation of results manually by calling certain functions. Also, in the new version there will be a support to add/remove records.

I'll have to rewrite most of the code for dll from scratch and with ongoing beta-testing of NHLView, the new version might be out only after NHLView 1.2 is released.

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