Why do some files corrupt?

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Why do some files corrupt?

Post by woodenbear » Sun Oct 15, 2006 4:56 pm

Just curious? Example: Every year I replace the Columbus Blue Jackets with one of my own custom teams. I replace Jerseys, numbers, letters, goalie gear (of course). Along with Ice, Arena, crowds, Puck, Spot, Logos, and HDR. Everything gets changed and looks real good in the game and works like a hot darn.

I go into Suchy63's ever Famous NHLView and change the name of the team, and the arena, the crowd chant, and too top it all off the attendence. This all works excellent also.

What gets me is the Upgrade stats go crazy, and this has been happening since I can remember with other years in this game series. In 06 you would either have 618 million in upgrade money or -763 million. You would have full stats on some and not others.

I guess I am just curious as to why this happens as all I am doing is taking their files out changing how they look and putting them back the same, am I not?

Just Curious?
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