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Attributes explination

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 8:04 pm
by Zeidoo
Hey everybody,

Was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to explain what every player attibute does.

It's obvious that wrist shot power will increase the chance of a goal on a wrist shot. But things like intensity are not that obvious.

Also, what is the shot-pass pass-cary and defence-offence values?

I understand the resist injuries, the higher the less likely the player to be hurt. But resist penality is what? For exaple if some hooks a guy with 99 PR will it be likely to draw a penality or will it be likely to go unseen by the ref?

Hence, if someone would provide explanation for players and golie attibutes it would be very appreciated.

Now for the chemistry. It's supposed to increase or decrease player's overall depending on his linemates. Does it really do this or it's just a fake thing to make the player get skates with different attributes.

Does it affect gameplay? If yes, does it affect it during season/dynasty mode AND exibition or online mode?

The reason I ask, suppose a player has 84 overall, at 85 he gets a star right, well if chemistry does work in exibition, and the guy get a + something for the chemistry, then he should have a star not a circle right?
I did this test and the guy had a circle, so it makes me wonder about all the chemistry fuss.